Sky Gross

Director of the Victorian Government Biomedical Trade and Investment Office in Tel Aviv at Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce

Sky Gross is the inaugural appointment to the Biomedical Victorian Trade and Investment Office in Tel Aviv, where she is tasked by the Victorian Government, in collaboration with the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce, with serving as a proactive liaison for researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals seeking to leverage the growing leadership of both countries in their areas of expertise and interest. Working closely with the direction of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, the Office promotes mutually beneficial scientific and business relationships in the field of biomedical research and innovation. Sky holds a PhD in medical anthropology, with a strong background in medical ethics and education and research, as well as business degree. She is the recipient of several prestigious academic honours and has a wide publication portfolio in her field, which includes human, social, ethical and historical aspects of health and medicine. More recently she reported directly to Israel’s Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science and Technology and was responsible for policy setting and implementation of research funding and priorities.