Ronya Rubinstein

Director R&D Unit, Rambam Medical Center

 Ms. Ronya Rubinstein is the Director of the R&D Business Unit at Rambam Health Care Campus. An attorney specializing in intellectual property, she received her LLB Cum Laude (1996) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her LLM from the University of Haifa.

Managing both the legal and business strategic aspects, Ms. Rubinstein leads IP commercialization, research collaborations, information sharing, conduct of clinical trials, the promotion of an innovation ecosystem within Rambam Health Care Campus and the hospital's business development.

is a board member of the also serves on the board of directors of MindUp, a digital health incubator she has been instrumental in Ms. Rubinstein is a board member of the Rambam Health Care Campus, a member of the hospital's patent committee and, in addition, she serves as a board member of the MindUp digital health incubator, she has been insturmental in creating.

Ms. Rubinstein has been involved in different community activities including advocating for rights for people with disabilities, speaking on innovation, contributing to the start-up ecosystem of Haifa, and teaching innovation and clinical trials in the University of Haifa and Braude College.