Panel: The Good, the High, the Disruptive: Innovation in Hospitals

Moderator: Ronya Rubinstein, Director R&D Unit, Rambam Medical Center

Kurt Lackovic, CEO, Cancer Trials Australia
Pini Ben-Elazar, CEO, Mor Research Applications
Michal Roll, Healthcare, Lifescience R&D and Technology Transfer Specialist
Sylvie Luria, CEOD, Technology Transfer Company, Tel Hashomer Medical Research, Infrastructure and Services Ltd.
Igal Louria-Hayon, Senior Scientist and Director of the Leukemia Research and Cancer Signaling Laboratory, Clinical Research Institute at Rambam Medical Center

Hospitals are thriving with innovations and play an leading role in both facilitating and driving innovation in healthcare. In this panel we will explore the opportunities of hospital-industry collaborations, the intrinsic value of these partnerships and the challenges in bridging the different mindsets.